First World War

More than 250 men from Mortlake parish lost their lives in the First World War. In 2014, Dr Peter Reder compiled a memorial book which detailed every soldier from Mortlake who had died in the First World War along with their address, rank, family and where they had died. He produced a similar volume for Barnes. The Mortlake book inspired Lesley Howells, Judith Rimmer and Helen Deaton to put together a display to commemorate all those who had lost their lives.

The exhibition consisted of nine display boards showing different aspects of the war as well as a map indicating the position of each house in Mortlake where a soldier who had died during the war had lived. A large poppy was delivered to each of these houses for the current owners to display in their window.

The exhibition was displayed over the summer of 2015 in East Sheen Library, St Mary the Virgin Church and St Mary Magdalen Church.

The buttons below provide links to copies of all these exhibition boards.

Mortlake in 1914 Mortlake Men who Died I Mortlake Men who Died II Mortlake Men who Died III Serving in the War Map of where the Dead Lived War Work Home
Front I
Front II
Cemeteries and Memorials