JMW Turner in Mortlake

Joseph Mallord William Turner came to Mortlake in 1826 and 1827 and painted Mortlake Terrace: Early Summer Morning and Mortlake Terrace: Summer's Evening

These two paintings were commissioned by William Moffatt and show the house and gardens of The Limes, Moffatt's home overlooking the Thames. The paintings represent a peaceful panorama of suburban London life captured at the start and end of the day. However, they are both now in the USA.

The 1826 "morning" work shows Moffatt's house at the end of a tree-lined path and grounds facing east and showing the curve in the river busy with boats. The painting in now in the Frick Collection, New York.
The 1827 "evening" work was painted from inside the house overlooking the gardens and the river. The view faces west into the glow of the setting sun. The dog standing on the parapet was made of brown paper cut in the shape of a dog, and stuck to the paint. The painting is now in the National Gallery of Art in Washington.