Grimm's Drawings

Samuel Hieronymus Grimm was born in 1733 in Switzerland. He specialised in landscapes and documenting historical scenes and events; he also illustrated books such as Gilbert White's The Natural History and Antiquities of Selborne.

In 1768 Grimm moved to England and became the travelling companion of the Rev. Sir Richard Kaye who commissioned him to record "anything curious". Between 1772 and 1777 he made a series of pen and ink drawings of Mortlake and the surrounding area; these are contained in a sketchbook held in the British Museum. These can be viewed in the Department of Prints and Drawings (the identification number is 1919.07 12-97). Eight of Grimm's drawings of Mortlake are shown below.

Grimm died in London in April 1794. He was buried at St Paul's Church in Covent Garden.

Mortlake Riverside

Mortlake Church from the West

Mortlake Church from the South

Mortlake Riverside

North view of Mortlake Church

Thames Street with Kings Arms on the right

Thames Street

Fair in Mortlake High Street